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Active Ingredients – Edelweiss

The blossom, leaves and stems of the edelweiss contain numerous active ingredients. The ingredients are carefully extracted from the dry parts of the plant. The renowned scientist of the University of Innsbruck Prof. Dr. Hermann Stuppner ( speaks of more than 100 known active agents, which can optimally be used both for medicine and skin care. Here, the most important active ingredient groups of the edelweiss:



Scientists of the department of pharmacognosy of the institute of pharmacy, University of Innsbruck, have found the active agent Leoligin in the roots of the edelweiss. This agent could revolutionise the treatment of vascular diseases. The analysis of cell cultures has shown that the ingredient Leoligin is an effective medium against the slub of the inner surface of blood vessels. Slub of vessel walls belongs to the most important causes of numerous cardiovascular diseases and thus compose the pre-stage of arteriosclerosis. In skin care, Leoligin has proven to be a precious and effective ingredient for the reduction of wrinkles due to facial expressions or age.


Gerbstoffe Tannin.

Tannins are vegetable tanning agents, that have a highly skin protecting function, are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, tauten the skin and are effective prior to light sunburns.



Flavonoids can be found in the parts above the ground of flowering plants. There they have the task to lend colour to the blossoms, leaves and fruits. They are used preventively against many diverse illnesses. Flavonoids have a healing impact against chronic diseases, they strengthen vessels, are anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic.



Edelweiss contains high-class anti-oxidants, which have several characteristics. They are refreshing, hypo sensitive, stimulate blood circulation, increase the cell elasticity, and therefore support skin rehabilitation. Particularly the function of bundling free radicals that the anti-oxidants of the edelweiss have, is very special. Free radicals count as the number one enemy of the skin, as it is responsible for a premature skin aging and creation of wrinkles.