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Protect the Edelweiss – with organic cultivation


On July 14, 2016, it was time to call for the first “International Day of Edelweiss”. Goal of this initiative is to establish awareness for the edelweiss, one of the most momentous plants on earth. On July 14, 2017, siin calls for the second “International Day of Edelweiss”. This year the focus is put on the organic cultivation of the edelweiss. By doing so, the initiators believe that the survival of the edelweiss in Austria can be secured in the long run.
Edelweiss (lat. Leontopodium Alpinum) is a true myth, as “Bauchwehblümerl” (it helped with an upset stomach and bellyache) in the folk medicine, as “white star of the Alps” and as sparkling symbol of love. Like this, 200 years ago, the „eternal beauty“, as edelweiss is also called, was in danger of extinction. Enamoured people, tourists and gatherers reckoned the edelweiss as a treasured souvenir and a precious medical plant. The plant was picked excessively and in many cases the plant was pulled out including the rootage.


If it has not been declared under strict nature protection under the former Austrian Monarchy in 1886, the edelweiss would not exist anymore nowadays. These days, the edelweiss is threatened by climate change. Scientists estimate, that without any countermeasures the edelweiss and other precious alpine flora will become extinct within the next 50-70 years (see for this:




Organic Cultivation to Save the Edelweiss.


The active protection of the current edelweiss population is only one necessary step to take. Experts, like Dr. Hermann Stuppner from the University of Innsbruck ( and Dr. Herbert G. Böchzelt (FH Joanneum Graz), think that it is extremely important to encourage the cultivation of edelweiss, especially in organic form for a further innovative usage of the plants.


In our alps, the edelweiss grows in heights from approx. 1.000 – 3.500 meters. In organic cultivation, it grows in approx. 1.500 meters. In Switzerland experts and mountain farmers started already 10 years ago to cultivate edelweiss in large fields. In Austria, we are still in the beginning of this process. Since 2012 siin life endeavours a qualified organic cultivation in the Styrian “Naturparke”.  On the one hand, to secure the valuable source of raw material in the long run for their skin care product lines “Sisi and Joe” and “Edition Edelweiss”, on the other hand to secure this precious plant, which is so tightly connected to Austria, for further generations. In the framework of a scientific project, that was initiated by siin in 2012, a cultivation project was realised together with research partners and the “Naturparke Steiermark”.
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In continuing projects, the edelweiss shall be further cultivated in selected locations in Styria for further necessary scientific research. The optimized cultivation, the selection of the type and findings about the quality of ingredients and – quantity in connection with the evaluation of the ideal harvesting time, are first focus topics of the research project. The development of new, optimized ingredient extracts and their usage in new product developments will follow consequently. The research- and development partners of siin life are FH Joanneum Graz (Institute of applied product sciences) and University of Innsbruck (Center of Chemistry and Biomedicine).



The „International Day of Edelweiss“ as Shared Platform.


On 14th of July 2017, the second “Day of Edelweiss” the special characteristics of the edelweiss are introduced in detail together with our partners. Furthermore, we will present the interim results of our research efforts. All information on that matter will be illustrated on our blog and on our Facebook account (


We hope to already find new partners and supporters, for this initiative, in the forefront. Because we can only safeguard Austria as home for edelweiss, altogether. If you are interested, please let us know here: or via telephone: +43-316-33 71 05


Edition Edelweiss – anti aging from Austria:
Sisi and Joe – nature cosmetics from Austria: