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FAQs Edition Edelweiss

Questions and answers about Edition Edelweiss.


Our Edition Edelweiss anti-aging skin care products are especially important to us. That is why we have put together a few common questions and answers.


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Is the Edelweiss still protected?

Yes, the “wild” Edelweiss is under strict species protection. For cosmetic use, the Edelweiss is therefore now grown in a special Alpine garden facility, at an altitude of about 1100 meters. Using controlled biological cultivation, Edelweiss flowers are hand-cultivated and harvested in August and September.

How is the Edelweiss extract obtained?

The Edelweiss extract is obtained from the flowers and stems by cold extraction. In general, it requires four kilograms of the Alpine flower to extract 300 ml of active ingredient.

What are the effects of the ingredients of Edelweiss?

The Edelweiss has shown to have more than 40 ingredients and active substances. The extract from the leaves and flowers have a significant anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Recent findings have shown the active ingredients of the Edelweiss have strong anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-oxidant effects. Free radicals can be well controlled. The skin is efficiently protected against skin aging and wrinkles reduced. The high Tannin content also contributes to the skin-protecting effect. The Tannins promote skin-tightening, the high proportion of flavonoids prevents fragility of blood capillaries and protects the vessels prior to the formation of so-called spider veins and rosacea. Hydroxycinnamic Acid and Phenylpropane derivatives have an astringent effect. The active ingredients of the Edelweiss additionally stimulate blood circulation, increase cell elasticity and stimulate skin renewal.

Why has Edelweiss got such effective ingredients?

Plants that grow at extreme altitudes are exposed to so-called environmental stress. Special climatic conditions such as drought, wind, frost and strong ultra-violet sunlight also put demands on the Edelweiss. From a natural protection instinct, the Edelweiss has learned over the millennia to survive in these adverse conditions. To protect itself therefore, the Edelweiss produces valuable Phyto-nutrients that are used in the Edition Edelweiss by siin.

How does “Edition Edelweiss” penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin?

The active ingredients of Edition Edelweiss are encapsulated in a Liposome System, which easily transports the ingredients through the layers of the skin. Liposomes are – to put it simply – small hollow bodies that can accommodate water-soluble active ingredients inside. These liposomes are composed of fatty membranes prepared from the same building blocks as the cell wall of skin cells or the barrier layer of the skin. This makes them very well absorbed by the skin and can penetrate deeper.

Why does Edition Edelweiss work so well?

In the Edition Edelweiss, Edelweiss extract is Liposome encapsulated for the first time worldwide. Similarly, all the other major active ingredients are fully encapsulated. This breakthrough takes the active ingredients deeper into the skin and beneficially, more evenly distributed.

What is the unique siin-complex in Edition Edelweiss?

The siin complex is a combination of different active-ingredient systems, which are highly compatible. The siin complex is included in all of the individual products of Edition Edelweiss. The dosage and concentration differs and is suited to the nature of the individual product.
It consists of the following components:

Alpine Spring Water
Vitamin Concentrate (Edelweiss, Goji Berry, Morinda Citrifolia – Noni)
Cerasome Oxygen
Surgery Lifting Complex (Synake, Aquapront, Hyaluronic acid)
Antioxidant Combination (Vitamins A, C, E, Q10)
Exclusive Edelweiss Aroma-composition


What can I do when I initially get a skin irritation?

It is possible that the skin is initially “overwhelmed” with the high concentration of active ingredients in Edition Edelweiss. Temporary skin irritation must therefore be regarded as a normal adaptation effect and should abate after a maximum of a few days.

How do I apply Milky Cleansing?

Lather about a pea-sized portion of Milky Cleanser with water and gently massage the facial skin, neck and décolleté thoroughly. Rinse-off with lukewarm water.

Does the Milky Cleansing clean-off and remove even very strong concealer makeup?

Milky Cleanser basically cleans even with highly concealing make-up, but it is still recommended to remove the make-up mostly, by means of a fat cream or make-up removal wipes, before cleansing.

Does the Milky Cleansing also remove waterproof mascara and does the milk burn the eyes?

We recommend that mascara be largely removed by means of a fat cream or make-up removal pads. Of course, the Milky Cleanser has been dermatologically tested in terms of ocular tolerance.

Is the Milky cleansing suitable for younger and / or extremely sensitive skin?

Yes, Milky Cleanser is very gentle on the skin, relaxing and a mild composition that is suitable for young and extremely sensitive skin.

Can contact lens wearers use the Milky Cleansing, or there is irritation?

Milky Cleanser is easily tolerated by contact lens wearers. Since it is free of oils, it cannot smear on the lenses too.

Is it necessary to use the “Edelweiss” Cleansing and the Tonic, before applying the serum and the cream?

Serum and Cream can be applied to the skin even without prior purification. However, for optimal skin care results, we recommend a complete skin care regimen, as additionally, the products are interrelated, complement and mutually reinforce eachother in their effect.

How do I apply the Spring Tonic?

After cleaning with Milky Cleanser the Spring Tonic is best applied pure, gently on the face, neck and décolleté, with a cotton pad and also fingertips. Since the Spring Tonic is slightly sharper, for the stimulating effect, it should not get into the eyes.

Why is there no distinction between fat, normal and dry skin?

With the basic composition of the products Edition Edelweiss has managed to cover all types of skin. The distinction is made according to the specific age-appropriate needs of the skin. Therefore, there is a specific, deeply penetrating Intense Serum each for the respective three age groups 25+, 35+ and 50+.

What are the differences between the three Serums, Intense 25+, 35+, 50+?

The Intense Serum 25+ is appropriate for younger skin. It acts to prevent first lines and wrinkles and guarantees a radiant, youthful skin. For those aged 35 years and over, Intense Serum 35+ offers an effective solution against premature skin aging and provides a visibly rejuvenated skin.
The Intense Serum Anti Aging 50+ is the answer to all types of wrinkles and weak facial contours. The high-dose, deep-working serum helps to plump-up, tighten, smooth and revitalise the skin.

Should the individual Serum be used according to age, or you can even earlier access to a “higher” dose?

Yes, depending on your personal skin needs you can move-on to the next higher Serum. However, one should consider that the active ingredients in the Serum – especially in Serum 50+ – are highly concentrated and “too much” care for the skin is not good.

Is it enough if one applies the Serum 1x per day? If yes, it’s better mornings or evenings?

The Serums should be applied to the skin, after cleansing with Milky Cleanser and Spring Tonic, in the mornings and / or evenings.
Basically, the active ingredients can penetrate through the open pores into the skin more easily at night.

Can I apply the Serum and 24 hr Cream even in sensitive eye areas?

Both of these skin care products could also be applied to the eye area. However, it is recommended, specifically for the delicate and very thin skin around the eyes, to use the specially developed Intense Eye Cream.

Should individual Serums be applied over a large surface area?

Since all serums are highly concentrated, it suffices to massage them in or pat-in gently, only to the desired locations. After a few seconds reaction time and according to personal needs, the serum can be applied a second time.

Why is the 24 Essence Cream suitable for both day and night?

Due to the balanced combination of the siin-complex and the specifically complementing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Olive the “24 hr Essence Cream” is an ideal day-time protection and a regenerating night cream in one.

Is it enough for a 24 hr Cream to be applied only once a day?

For optimal skin care results, the “24 hr Essence Cream” should be applied mornings and evenings on a cleansed face.

What is so special about the Eye Cream?

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and thus most sensitive part of the facial skin. Accordingly, the composition of the ingredient recipe is mild. Furthermore, in order to avoid any skin irritation, there is no aroma fragrance included in the Eye Cream.