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FAQs Sisi and Joe

Questions and answers about Sisi and Joe.


Our Sisi and Joe skin care products are especially important to us. That is why we have put together a few common questions and answers.


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Where are the products of „Sisi and Joe“ developed and produced?


All products of “Sisi and Joe” are produced and bottled in the Alps of Tyrol. Our producing company stands for uncompromising, honest and certified natural cosmetics. The production facility is equipped according the highest standards and criteria. The products of “Sisi and Joe” where developed, tested and harmonised in the in-house laboratories together with siin life.


What are the effects of the ingredients of Edelweiss?


The Edelweiss has shown to have more than 40 ingredients and active substances. The extract from the leaves and flowers have a significant anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Recent findings have shown the active ingredients of the Edelweiss have strong anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-oxidant effects. Free radicals can be well controlled. The skin is efficiently protected against skin aging and wrinkles reduced. The high Tannin content also contributes to the skin-protecting effect. The Tannins promote skin-tightening, the high proportion of flavonoids prevents fragility of blood capillaries and protects the vessels prior to the formation of so-called spider veins and rosacea. Hydroxycinnamic Acid and Phenylpropane derivatives have an astringent effect. The active ingredients of the Edelweiss additionally stimulate blood circulation, increase cell elasticity and stimulate skin renewal.


Why has Edelweiss got such effective ingredients?


Plants that grow at extreme altitudes are exposed to so-called environmental stress. Special climatic conditions such as drought, wind, frost and strong ultra-violet sunlight also put demands on the Edelweiss. From a natural protection instinct, the Edelweiss has learned over the millennia to survive in these adverse conditions. To protect itself therefore, the Edelweiss produces valuable Phyto-nutrients that are used in the Edition Edelweiss by siin.


Is the Edelweiss still under nature conservation?


Yes, the “wild” Edelweiss is under strict species protection. For cosmetic use, the Edelweiss is therefore now grown in a special Alpine garden facility, at an altitude of about 1100 meters. Using controlled biological cultivation, Edelweiss flowers are hand-cultivated and harvested in August and September.


How is the Edelweiss Extract obtained?


The Edelweiss extract is obtained from the flowers and stems by cold extraction. In general, it requires four kilograms of the Alpine flower to extract 300 ml of active ingredient.


What does the “Vegan Flower” represent?


Products, that are marked with the “Vegan Flower”, are ensured to be vegan. The products itself as well as the production process are free from animal parts and free of animal testing. The Vegan flower is the distinct sign and identifying feature for certified products, which neither are tested on animals nor contain animal substances. The certificate is awarded by the British Vegan Society (www.vegansociety.com). Prior to the production, samples and detailed descriptions of the ingredients are examined by this society. Each production is then tested randomly.


What does the NATRUE sign represent?


The natrue sign is a worldwide independent seal, that is assigned exclusively to natural cosmetic products that fulfil the highest requirements regarding naturalness, quality, credibility and transparency. The natrue seal is awarded by the non-profit organization NATRUE – True Friends of Natural Organic Cosmetics (www.natrue.org/de). It helps consumers to identify natural and organic cosmetic producers, that really deserve this seal. After successful examination in a two-phase-process (formulation and ingredients) by the NATURE accredited certification office, the production location is examined and then the worldwide acknowledged NATRUE seal is awarded.  The re-certification is executed every two years.


What about the alpine spring water?


The quality of the additions and ingredients pay a major role for siin life. Water is one of the basic components of every skin care line. Therefore, the water used needs to be sterile and clear. The water that is used in the “Sisi and Joe” products originates from the Alps in Tyrol and is a guarantor for freshness and purity.


Palm Oil


As a matter, of course we do not use pure palm oil, as it is often used in the food industry. As often as possible, we use alternative raw materials which are not based on Palm Oil that come from certified sustainable cultivation.  Especially for natural cosmetics the complete abstinence of Palm Oil derivative is hardly imaginable. Tenside, Fatty alcohol, lipids and emulsifier are essential components of cosmetic products. For the most part these components are made of palm oil.  The components can also be gathered out of synthetic basic oils, that are free from palm oil. However, these synthetic basic oils are prohibited in natural cosmetics due to their synthetic origin. As a natural alternative for palm oil, coconut oil is frequently named, but the large-scale industrial cultivation of coconut oils is also seen problematic. We struggle to keep the share of palm oil derivative as low as possible. Certainly, there is a lack of available and sustainable alternative.  Furthermore, we take care that the used palm oil derivative come from sustainable cultivation and are to the greatest possible extent ecological harmless. Unfortunately, this also influences our prices. At the moment, we research for better alternatives to replicate the palm oil derivative but at the same time keeping the sensory, optical and caring characteristics of our products. Yet, this will take considerable time for research and development.


Which fruit extracts are contained in the products of “Sisi and Joe”?


Apricot kernel oil, apple juice, elder, currant, and grape seed oil.


Which nature- and plant extracts are used in the products of “Sisi and Joe”?


Aloe Vera, Ani, stinging-nettle, Edelweiss, barley weed, green tea, ginger, cardamom, carrageen, lime blossom, dandelion, radish rootage, sun flower oil, stone salt, and hamamelis.


Which skin-owned active ingredients are in the products of “Sisi and Joe”?


Hyalorynic acid, Sodium PCA.


Which vitamins are used in the products of “Sisi and Joe”?


Vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin G, Coenzym Q10.


Which fragrances are used in the “Sisi” products?


The “Sisi” scent experience starts with a light and refreshing lemon, mixed with the reviving and strengthening ginger. The smell omits in a more intensive but gentle spicy odour, consisting of carrot and cardamom.  The scent composition is completed with a breeze of elegant but ligneous cedar, a flavour mixture of tempting and fresh Verbena and sensual warming vanilla.


Which fragrances are used in the “Joe” products?


Directly after application “Joe” smells like refreshing lemon, blended with relaxing orange and tempting mandarin. The fruity-fresh touch mingles with the flowery scent of magnolia and geranium and the sensually enchanting Yling-Yland scent. The smell completes in a laddish, mossy and masculine sensual character of sandal-wood, vanilla and patchouli.


Are the products of “Sisi and Joe” allergy-tested?


Yes, all products of Sisi and Joe are allergy-tested and suitable for all skin types. Additionally, all the products are security-rated.


Does the eye gel of “Sisi and Joe” contain penetrating oil?


No, Sisi and Joe products do not contain any penetrating oils. Penetrating oils consist for main part of petroleum, which in turn is obtained from crude oil – which is strictly permitted in natural cosmetics.


Are the perfume oils used in the “Sisi and Joe” eye gel critical?


No, our perfume oils are mixture of natural etherises oils and their usage is harmless. The percentage of perfume oil used is not allowed to exceed 3,3% according to the recommendations of IFRA (international Fragrance Association). Our usage concertation is beneath 1%.

Is the Hyaluronic acid used in the “Sisi and Joe” products from animal origins?

No, as a certified NATRUE and vegan product it is prohibited to use components that come from animal origins. Our hyaluronic acid is developed out of yeast powder.

Is the day cream for the face “not comedogenic” or also suitable for skin that tends to impurity?

The day cream of “Sisi and Joe” was developed for all skin types and is therefore also suitable for impure skin. The part of the natural cosmetics sets high requirements for the development of cosmetic products: We restrict to raw materials that solely are offered by nature. Additionally, as a vegan certified cosmetic products we set our standards even higher. We proceed these high standards down to our producers and suppliers. Therefore, it is often difficult to find producers and suppliers that are able and willing to follow these high standards. At the same time, we want to create products, that can compete with conventional cosmetic products. All these factors make the selection of raw materials very time consuming and challenging for us.
The ingredient Cetearyl Alcohol is a nonionic co-emulsifier and gives the texture to the product. With this ingredient, we have already gathered positive experiences from the begin on. The comedogenity of this ingredient so far is not scientifically proven, therefore we have not recognized a reason to withdraw from this ingredient.

What pH-value do the “Sisi and Joe” products have?

The pH-value of all our products after production is 5,0. Equal to the stability examination during the product development the pH-value remains stable.

Is “Sisi and Joe” free of animal testing?

Sisi and Joe is a 100% free of animal testing. With the certification by the Vegan Society it is guaranteed that neither the raw material nor the finalised cosmetic contain animal substances or is tested on animals, not by the producer or the supplier.

Can the packaging be recycled by 100%? Is the packaging material produced from recycled material

Generally, we are very keen to proceed with care, ecologically and environmentally friendly. We only use additional packaging material (overpack) where it is necessary or requested of our trading partner. The different Sisi and Joe packages consist of the plastic Polyethylene and its types HD-PE (“high density-PE”) and LD-PE (“low density-PE”). They are not produced out of recycled material. Polyethylene is deemed to generally be a good material for recycling. However, the actual recycling is up to the user him/herself how the package is disposed.


How are the Sisi and Joe products transported?

Our main storage is in Roppen near Innsbruck, from there we deliver to the central storage of dm Austria and our stock in Graz. We are very keen to bundle as many deliveries as possible (greater quantities on single dates), to have as little unnecessary transports as possible.